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Hyrule shall never fall! Not to the Twili, not to those whom would seek to abuse the powers of the deities. For we are the sons and daughters of the realm of light, and thus we will defend our homes from evil!
___________________________________-The Princessdom of Hyrule-___________________________________

Hyrule, set five years after the end of the events of the game known as Twilight Princess. A new generation attempts to challenge the rule of the Royalty,
and Princess Zelda with a newly rebuffed Hyrulean Army.

The Zoras are annoyed and the Gorons are vibing with a monopoly over the Rupee.
Hello! Hyrule is a puppet of Tsarstvo Alyaski, because I ran out of inspiration LMAO. I live in the United Kingdom and I'm apparently a tory to many political tests.


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