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TDT 4: What the $#@! is a "womxn", anyways?
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sentient neuron monstrosities take a liking to humanity and form an eldritch horrors know best state. surprisingly little changes. inspired by the giant space worm and these pictures of neurons
Lovecraft? Is that a minecraft mod?
you know what? stats are canon, the concept is so odd anything could work if i worldbuild around it right. studying for midterms and being on f7 at the same time.
dollar store eldritch text, gives you an sql error
“ This is your favorite radio host, [unintelligible electric snapping noises], bringing you the good, bad, and weather reports from all around The Network! Here in the capital it's a balmy 76 degrees, though it will later rise to 88, so landwalkers might want to forego additional coverings. Or don't, I'm not your mother, just the one with the degree.“


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