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The Republic of Northern Dosletofe (Southern Svalbard)

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Northern Dosletofe

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Northern Dosletofe: Also known as “Disshërlānd”, is a wealthy Northern European country situated on the southern part of the “Svalbard” archipelago. Noted for its high quality of living, wages, the country also boasts a very complex digital and educational infrastructure and is the one of the few nations to have its own digital currency and to recognize AI’s as residents. “Equality and respect” are the basis of the country’s smart and healthy populace, symbolic of the country’s National Animal and emblem, the “Arctic Swan”.

Capital : Minnow ; Population-5.06 million ; Head of State: Åmy Moulkwheiler ; Currency: §- slomer
Alliances: International Humanitarian Coalition (IHC); Global League of Nations (GLEN) ; Advocates For Abolition And Against Slavery (AFAASA);Angelical Cross Org.


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