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The National Republic of Argentina ~~~ Sindicatos, neofascist rejuvenation, all-seeing securocracy, soul-crushing corporatism, Futurist death squads, 80s street fashion and music, avant-garde art, pristine beaches, and pure cocaine
    A Dream Crushed (1986)
  • Le Patron's dream of a Futurist society ended in 1976 when the Nuovo Ordine and the CIA launched a coup against the Patron. With the Futurist Right ascendant; Patagonia faced through a national reorganization to cleanse the stench of syndicalism.
  • State-President Galeazzo saved Patagonia from anarchy, reunited La Plata under the Red Eagle and turned it into a sustainable capitalist, big tent authoritarian state with Futurist dressings. Now, Argentina enters the 80s where it's on its way of becoming a Great Power once more.


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