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January 8th, 2021 - I vow not to respond to anyone OOCIC/OOC I'm 100% serious
Do not ask me my opinion of LGBT. the mods don't approve.
Yes, I'm Homophobic, Transphobic etc. not stop incessantly responding to me and then have the audacity to claim I am the one "trolling". If I don't respond to you most likely I'm on your foe list. If one is hypersensitive I recommend putting me on your foe list
Socialism Cockshottian Economic Pan-aftrica DPRK Hamas Belarus CCP Kazakhstan Maxim Gorky National Bolshevikism jim profit free thought and expression thereof | Susan Sontag Critical Theory New-Left Cub/Ven. Socialism Smashie Drugs USculture NPA Corrupt Moderator Unruley Moderators anglos thought crimes/police


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