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this nation is satire
this nation never and will never use ns stats
Music Video about the Violent end of the Estado Novo
AUK Nuus om Agt /ABC News at Eight
About the United Australasian Commonwealth
Footage of the Força Nacional de Segurança Pública (Afrikaans:Nasionale Openbare Veiligheidsmag) of the Estado Novo raiding communist hotspots
Proud IFTC and International Broadcasting Alliance Member
Proud Member of IODASPC
Ally of LITA
Member of ICDN
Former Member of SETA
TL;DR Basically South Africa but in Australia and New Zealand

Nuveans, Shiwanese , and Wong Kongese belong to Jamesia

Australasians (Afrikaners)and Yamikaners (Japanese who came to South Africa in the 16th century) belong to me

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