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Pro: Science, Globalism, Social Market, Ultiilitarianism, Meritocracy, Family Values, Thomas Hobbes
Anti: Populism, Democracy/Republicanism, Corporatism, Degeneracy, Individualism, Trump
Economic Left/Right: -8.38 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 1.15
"If it's total freedom you want, then I shall demonstrate to you the barbarity and cruelty that freedom allows." -Chief Schwarz Officer Jozefina Safira Venka
"Those who rally against the marching progress of science and innovation, are, ironically, the same people who benefit the most from its discoveries and inventions" -- First Speaker of the STEM Ministry, Davido Ozmano Ernandezmo
"I tread where I f*cking please!"-- Leader of the ULAS, Grand Social Engineer Yozefo De Stellumo


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