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Kingdom of Frisia | Cyningdōm Frīsland
Iċ mæġ wiþerbelifiġe Frisia Magna en wende hit to ān "āgentīdeliċ"-ūtġiefe þis landes
Nov 21, 1689

Current Mission: Dismantling Portugal
Kingdom of Frisia declares war on Portugal over Portugal's unwarranted aggression in the West Indies, pledges to 'make them pay for the grave insult'. | Portuguese forces invade, capture Oswaldburh in the Walbeeck Islands. | Frisian EIC seizes Macau after successful amphibious assault. | Khmer rebels defeat Pasai forces in the Second Battle of Oudong. | Persian forces cross the Hormuz Strait, seize the fortress of Khasab. | Jerusalem, Parma, Tuscany and the Papal State join the Austrian-led Holy League against the Mukhtarid Empire.


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