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OP of Empire's End RP, Frequenter of P2TM, and part of the F7 delegation along with -Astoria, Valentine Z, Western Fardelshufflestein, La Xinga, and Nooooooooooooooo.
“...My only complaint is that this guy seems to have plot armor thicker than the hull of a battleship. What’s this Holy Grail thing, anyway? I tried looking it up using foreign information networks but I kept seeing footage of knights being butchered by a rabbit... I don’t think that was a legitimate source.”

...and Josephus sorta started a nuclear war, so I'll just ignore the fact that Kakistopia has almost 50% of deaths due in some part to the God-Empress, and I'll also ignore that Josephus XII was raised as a child-soldier, and I'll say Josephus is the more horrible leader.


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