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Honestly, think Metro meets Resident Evil meets FEAR meets Shadowrun, with the violence of Hotline Miami meets the Doom reboot, but it's on PCP, and came back from 'Nam with a crippling alcohol addiction and PTSD.
Enjoy the wiki walk.
Population: 16,284
Currency: Bitcoin
National Animal: Goat
National Food: Game, canned food, and instant noodles
National Beverage: Alcohol
National Pastime: Addiction
Average Life Expectancy of Newborns: 2 months
Average Life Expectancy of 30 year old Adults: 40 years
Tier 9, Level 6, Type 3.
A 12.666... civilization, according to this index. (Tier 9 because of cybernetic and wetware augments, otherwise we're lower.)


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