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JJBA, WWI, Alternate History, Maps, World-building(which I suck at), Recycled Internet Jokes, Star Wars The Old Republic, Clone Wars

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INT:| Teutonia and Lithuania for Ceasefire | Mali-South Saharan Ceasefire Ends as Mali Troops Cross DMZ Border / NAT:| Ravenian Adventurer Dies After Taking Arrow in the Knee, Perpetrators to be Captured | Viktor Leimstag releases more military info | Ravenia was Lewded Again | Adolph Hesse to Step Down as Head Diplomat, Elections Underway
Part of a Multiverse I started in Grade School | We still outpizza the Hut | Me writing Factbooks | Declare War? Yes/No | How we stole Ari’s blanket | Making Second F7 Movie, But Old Horror Movie Will be Stolen Used as Inspiration | My political alignment via 6triangles | Q&A | Factbooks made by me are formatted to be similar to essays, minus indentation | My other Counterpart | Nations I own:Enth Arth|Multiversal Raiders


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