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Sildorian Empire
Space-faring, quasi-xenophobic fanatic materialist humanoids and associates
Overview || Archon | Military | Species
Daily News: Human-designed Skipdrive "not compatible" with Sildorian or Xadian Hypredrives; "too unstable to work in large enough capacities." | Aruz World of Mala'afak, population 21.3 billion, cleansed by Pride of Avaria. Avarian colony ship en route to colonize planet as Afak Prime. | Arus Prime,formerly homeworld of the Aruz, may be renamed Avaria, designated as "Homeworld" of the Avarian species. | Second ship from the Lothal-class Dreadnought line produced by Sildorian Shipyards, will see action in the Battlefront in Xadia. | Third Star Order loses track of Mugeya again as it disappears along the Hieron-Wrothgar Hyperlane.


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