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TF2, Hotline Miami, Fallout, Madness Combat, Metro 2033, Digital Art, Small Bore Rifle Shooting, Tanks, Guns, Animation

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Soviet Progonya

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Mon Mar 16, 2020 1:19 pm
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Erik | Male | Russian | Christian | Mixed Race
I'm into TF2, Madness Combat, art, animating,
Hotline Miami, competitive rifle shooting.
My art account My animations My fan project
Trans rights and racial equality are based
Current affairs:
In love with Splatoon, it's an amazing game,
Watching Better Call Saul and in love,
Testosterone enjoyer ever since 24/03,
Learning blender and 3D modelling
A post-apocalyptic nation located entirely within a megastructure amidst a burning Earth, in a world where reality barely holds together and magic arises from the cracks.

Innatist with a side of virtue epistemology, slightly utilitarian with hedonist characteristics, not smart enough to understand economics


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