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The Etruscans, the Roman Empire, Epistocracy, Political Science, Languages, Dinosaurs

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We are a powerful Etruscan empire, well, at least a highly Etruscanized remnant of Rome. We control Italia, Corsica, Crete, Cyprus, Syria, Iudaea, and Egypt. Anyone who says otherwise will be butchered with the Social Justice Warriors in the Solar Square.
Our Emperor’s title full title is, His Most August Imperial Eminence, Archduke and Prince of the Etruscans, Emperor of the Romans, also of Crete, Cyprus, Phoenicia, Egypt, and Iudaea, Restorer of the Orient, General of the People, Defender of Rome, Macsimiliane Aemilie Valens Germanicus, the first of his name.
Mocking the government or a military officer is considered sedition and will get you crucified.
Here is everything you need to know about our nation: ... l=factbook


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