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The Weida De Diguo he Chao of Xin Ming

PT - MT - FT and now including Fantasy!

By the Decree of Shandi the Highest; the Mandate of Heaven and the Will of God; The Emperor of China, Khan of Khans, King of Korea, Lord of Vietnam and Tibet; King of Nepal and Bhutan, Maharajah of India and Sultan of Indonesia and Brunei; Lord of Ten Thousand Years and the Present Time, The Son of Heaven and Supreme Bureaucrat on Earth - The Emperor Jing of Ming

Population by Era: 128,095,000 (PT/Fantasy) - 2,340,000,000 (MT) - 18,657,230,098 (FT)
Amerikians wrote:
Galla- wrote:i herd anemos left ns

I will sob like a little girl at a Justin Bieber concert who just got hugged by It. :/
Deadass. Anemos is so goddamn epic that he just cannot leave.


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