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The Osean and Belkan Alliance.
"Osea, Belka, now united as one."
A world where Belka fell into a civil war after the Belkan War, Osea and Belka unite as one nation and one alliance, and no they aren't scheming, they watch in silence as Erusean radicals are gunned down.

I am now alive.
When I say /8492, it's my own version of /skip, because the post doesn't exist.

OBBC: IUAF launch gas bombs against Free Erusea forces stationed in Waiapolo Mountains, accidentally kill thousands of mountain villagers as well.|Free Erusean forces start invading Sapinish coasts, take over 4 major coastal cities.|IUN awards Aurelia for their murderous rampage against the surrendered Leasath, much to the latter's horror.


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