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Sun Mar 10, 2019 10:16 pm
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-Arkngdfell of Mel Taruhm-
Dzbthar nz Argnzvel Nchavz

MTE: The war against the Sun Elves has found a break, and the old borders of the Dwarven Kingdom of Keghkoldur have been restored. The battles have ceased and a ceasefire has been sent to both of the Sun Elven Kingdoms. -˧˫- Strange rock formations found in mines near Vvalrihmthar.
MTE-Duakagren: Vn arstdzn thurnzelzanel vn Armnkgthmet thuaingthendr, naz vn ithanghdfell abzk Keghkoldurfell ndzreznr thueftarend.  -˧˫- Thurncduenz nchard mkeftarend ngavzingthrel nchardelzanmel arzan Vvalrihmthar.


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