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The Plantain Republic
OOC: Newfoundland, Canada. IC: The tightly-shut bedroom closet of a Russian official’s wife.
OOC: Socially-foul neurodivergent lassie, Internet-bound social justice warrior, self-diagnosed loveable rogue. IC: High-and-mighty Commandant Generalissimo, subscriber to Cigar Aficionado Monthly, aspiring god.
Problem Sleuth, the Homestuck Intermission, TV Tropes, the mangas of Junji Ito, the pAper chAse (the band, not the movie), high-quality found-footage image manips, arthropods, cryptozoology, psychology (especially forensic psychology), conspiracy theories, reading, writing, drawing, and worldbuilding. I’m also kinda fond of King Of The Hill.

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The Plantain Republic

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Disclaimer: This Region In No Way Represents My Actual Political Ideology
Bisexual autistic white cis woman with a weird relationship with sexuality. She/her, please.
Feminism, LGBT rights, anarchosocialism, bodily autonomy, abortion, moderate religion, moderate atheism, medical veganism, Homestuck, any form of music involving punk/metal/emo/classical/jazz, being a huge bitch to “nice guys” online.
Trans-exclusive radical feminists (TERFs), “race realism”, nationalism, anarchocapitalism, Autism Speaks, PETA, idealogical veganism, cringe culture, pedophilia, “anti-anti” bullshit, radical religion, radical atheism, the Internet, God.
So I sleep in my clothes, ‘cause nobody knows;
When the ship goes down, we’re gonna turn this thing around!
Top Quality Bastard (self diagnosed)


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