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Sat Nov 10, 2018 6:25 pm
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NEWS:COVID-19 cases:115 confimed,15 deaths.|US state of West Virgina gets 9,000,000,000th state anthem| UFO's are apparently real.|Another Gunfight at the WAHQ perptrated by our WA ambassador|
We have a MT canon and a FT canon,both of weicth are connected. The DOS Cannon and the T.H.E.O have been relegated to FT use only.I do actively use SCPs in Combat. Including 682. Just Because we say we are a aristocracy,doent mean we are. In FT,Our nation defeated the Combine From Half Life whilst MT.
WA Elite Members #420 and #69.
MT year:2030. FT year:2052. In FT we concurred the Imperium from WH40K in 2045. We skipped PMT entirely. I am the worst char RPer on the entirety of NS. If i happen to do gore posts,they won't be gore of epic preportions. Every last GA RPer hates me.


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