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★ The Socialist Soviet Republic of Rusthenia ✷ Socialističeskaja Sovetskaja Respublika russenia ★
★ Rusthenia is a Libertarian Socialist Democracy in Eurasia and the Alaskan Peninsula, After destroying the Tzarist Regime of the Rusthenian Empire in 1917 Currently led by Premier Commissar Alexei Dostoyevsky ★

Moskva Chronicle: Turks are driven out of Armenia and Georgia. Rusthenia to hold biggest war games in nearly four decades, With the Mongol, Manchu and Uyghur Militaries. Anti-Turkish Sentiment grows in Western Rusthenia.

International Coverage: Chinese Republic declares war on Yunnanese Soviet Republic and Guangxi State. Rusthenia, Serbia, Bulgaria and Romania Announce that they will support Greece. Greco-Turkish Tensions rise as a war may break out.

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