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Fox Shogunate
Some kind of room between furry, Fallout, and Xibei's universe
Student, amateur polandball artist
WW2, history, social sciences, radical republicanism, animation, Reddit, reading, polandball, politics, Paradox games (Especially HOI4), late PT (no earlier than 1930), social democracy, tea, dystopian novels, crappy logo designs, Roblox (My K/D in Phantom Forces sucks, lol), RPing as edgy characters, classical westerns

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Kitsune Bakufu Kyōwakoku 狐幕府共和国
In a nutshell: An authdem republic, which is a mix of Shōwa, Edo, and Heisei Japan.

Welp, I am not that opposed to a world government. As long as it is a republic, obviously.

I mostly copy templates from others. Well, except the sig.

✩- Copy and paste this in your sig, if your country is a republic

From all Japanese nations there, what makes us unique?

❤ If you are reading this, remember, that family is forever! ^_^ ❤

Shogun Mccloud approves NS stats!

R̛ō͘m̷͏a̸j̶͘í̵,́ ̶c͟o͠͝ņs̷͢e͡͝r̡v̨͡͏a͜͡t͘̕i̛s̛m̷,̧ ҉a̶̧ǹ̨d̷ ̛͢ąn͘͝t̶̡̕i̴̢͢-̶̛a̸͠n͜im͠ei̛͡s̡m̛͡

This nation is about 65% my views.

Flag credit to Brusseldorf: Here

Larger resolution
Shogunate's News (Bakufu Nyūsu)
A 16.8 civilization, according to this index.


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