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-United Republic of Freedonia
Universe 4819995-sg. World of Nova Venezuela
Ace Combat, insane crap, memes, cursed_content, being a narcissistic faggot and cancer. And fer frick's sake, i'm not a weeb neither an anime fan.

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The United Republic of Freedonia:
"I respect three things: Strength, Justice,America and Lasagna."

Join The Labyrinth, it hurts in a really fun way!.
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i am a sick fuck. And pretty fricking lazy, that's why my factbooks are so wippy.
How beauty sounds like?
The new current main of Erutenia. Please note that my english is a bit crappy, if there's a misspelling in my posts or factbooks, let me know.
Please, have me patience, i have autism, for real.
"I just XD to like people and stuff" - Micheal P
The world is just getting edgier and edgier and gayer and gayer
Love, Power, Insanity.


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