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Greater Miami Shores
Miami Dade County Florida
I am a native Cuban and American citizen. I am an Accountant by Profession. Worked for a major US Defense contractor in Chicago. Worked for a major South Florida Mall as an assistant manager for a Department of a major mall management corporation. Reg Job worked with 2 North Koreans 1 Vietnamese Lady and 1 Nicaraguan Lady under the Nicaraguan Sandinista commie socialist government sent to Cuba 2 YRS as voluntary labor on government farms. Had to sing rev no Pasaran They shall not Pass
lost 3 brothers fight for contras. I am an RP addict with real world nations, regional world named nations, statistics and real world leaders. I hate NS Stats. Love Math, Accounting, Bookkeeping Percentages % facts and figures. History Biographies Geographies. I believe in God and Spirits. Conservative Republican Nationalist. Trump 2020 Keep Making America Great Again. President Ronald Reagan Make America Great Again Original. Greatest Pres ever. Firs Lady Nancy Reagan Greatest ever.

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Greater Miami Shores

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I am a Proud Republican Cultist supporter of President Donald J Trump of the USA for Making America Great Again according to my Political views and those who agree with me and I wear it with Pride and Honor. Their is nothing wrong with it. President Ronald Reagan the original Make America Great Again President greatest American President and Gentleman, they don't make them like President Reagan anymore. First Lady Nancy Reagan greatest American First Lady. Am native Cuban American Hispanic Latino conservative nationalist Republican with slight economic Libertarian streak. Am worlds greatest Insomniac, I beat the worlds record every day, President Trump second greatest Insomniac with his 3 am tweets, I can beat anytime, Trump is no gentleman.


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