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I will never take any nation before the Mod Gods and our Almighty Goddess Violet for any reasons. I am not a Chivato Informer like the CDR members in Cuba. But if I am reported for any reasons, I wont have any choice but to defend myself, my nation, thread and post on the Mod Forum. While stating I don't want to get myself or anyone in trouble and banned. I am an RP addict with real world nations and Pics. Love biographies, history, geography, math, Lol I am having a lot attack. lol

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Greater Miami Shores

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lol, i'm having a lol attack.I'm a Pic aholic, Map aholic, and Copy holic. Love History, Biographies, Geography, Statistics, NS RP S with Pics, real world and regional nation names, real persons, ambassadors, government ministers, and heads of states, Math, Accounting, Percentages %, facts and figures. As long as the CDRs exist in Cuba, their wil never be anyReal Changes In Cuba You Can Believe In.A legally registerd non governmental organization. President Obama's so called new policy on Cuba, is the same policy as practiced by Canada, the EU, EU Nations and others, that dosent work, no wonder. Lol I am having a Lol attack. I will never take anyone before the Mod Gods and our Goddess Almighty Violet. I am not a Chivato-Informer like the CDR members In Cuba. Lol I am having a lol attack.


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