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Greater Miami Shores
Miami Dade County Florida
I am a native Cuban and American citizen. I am an Accountant by Profession. Worked for a major US Defense contractor in Chicago. Worked for a major South Florida Mall as an assistant manager for a Department of a major mall management corporation.
A Conservative Republican Nationalist with a slight Libertarian Economic streak. Math, Accounting, Bookkeeping. History, Geography, Biographies, Current events, Politics. Am an RP addict with real world nations, regional world named nations, with real world leaders with Pics, and real world statistics as much as possible. At least 90 % real world based.

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Greater Miami Shores

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I once tried to K Me. Posted It and Reported. Locked by Mods. I am Autistic accounts for Repetitive Nature. I am Very Civil and Respectful to all on NS and off NS. My Opinions Are Not Bad Opinions No Ones Opinions Are Bad Opinons. We are on NS, to share, discuss, argue, disagree, on Trump, elections, Republicans, Democrats, Socialists, Libertarians and whatevers, with respect. This Respect Is Given It Is Not Earned, This Respect Is Called Freedom of Expression and Democracy. This Man Always Says What He Means, I Am The Real Thing. I Make Ted Cruz look like a Leftist. I have been on NS For over 10 Years with a Perfect Record of No Baiting, Trolling, Flaming, or Using Foul Language. I Am Very Proud of It and Wish To Keep My Record Clean. But I Am Not The Only One On NS. GMS. I'm Based.


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