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Despite common belief, my flag is not a combination of the 2 Koreas, that is actualy a huge coincidence seing as I used symbolism from both countries without realisin it. My countrys flag developed from the Japanese flag,first adin the 3 bands, the bal in the center is like that so it represents each color of the flag.Doin this I acidentaly stole the Taeguk from Korea.The star on the Taeguk was also surprisingly nothin to do with North Korea,I simply wantd to also ad the whit in the Taeguk without using borin old 5 pointd star.
Havin said this, whil my country has no relations to the Koreas (we are much closr to Mexico,the UK an France. Includin our own language Braussian has no relation at al to any Asian languages),I open this comparison with opn arms an tak no ofens.MAXCHAR800

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