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Science Fiction, HP Lovecraft (I bet that was hard to guess), Dank memes, History, Polandball, and, of course, dogs. Everyone loves dogs.

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"You sing of the young gods easily
In the days when you are young;
But I go smelling yew and sods,
And I know there are gods behind the gods,
Gods that are best unsung."

Bold means The Unknown (Chaotic Neutral)
Italics mean The Wanderer (True Neutral)
Blue means The Guardian (Lawful Neutral)
Grey means The Harvester (Lawful Neutral)

Naralka is not the leader, she is just a plot device that got out of hand.
The Anti Democracy League’s resident Lovecraftian horror

Put this in your signature if Nyaruko is a heretical disgrace to the Almighty Black Pharoah Nyarlathotep

Also, if anyone wants to organize an RP, I’m open.

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