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Bangkok, Thailand
Student of Political Science and International Relations, professional procrastinator, stuffed toy cuddler, heavy sleeper, F7 dweller, Tumblr scroller, faculty library hermit (naps there often), sometimes does housework.
Napoleonic Wars, western history. Prussia and Germany, but also ironically Russia. Military science, politics, psychology. Loves classic literature, writing (but barely finishing). Likes making realistic nations and characters. Loves the memes, the meows and the birbs. Unironically likes cooking and housework.

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"Order and Solidarity under the Blue Banner!"
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Zitravgrad (Зітравград) is a late PMT unicameral semi-presidential nation with a convoluted form of state capitalism backed by technocrats. A post-nuclear war tundra wasteland, the nation has the aesthetics of 19th-20th century Eastern Slavic world, complicated by post-steampunk sci-fi vibe. It has strong energy, mining, science and pharmaceutical industries but with stagnant agricultural sector. Workers are equal, but intelligentsia are divine. Started off as a badly-written romance with the background of sci-fi black political comedy. Flag: A wasteland patrol by me
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