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Bangkok, Thailand
Immigration officer, professional procrastinator, stuffed toy cuddler, heavy sleeper, F7 dweller, Twitter scroller, sometimes does housework.
Napoleonic Wars, western history. Prussia and Germany, but also ironically Russia. Military science, politics, psychology. Loves classic literature, writing (but barely finishing). Likes making realistic nations and characters. Loves the memes, the meows and the birbs. Unironically likes cooking and housework. Big Russophile, unironic one.

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❄ ❄ United Federation of Zitravgrad ❄ ❄
PMT/Early FT - Decopunk. Zitravgrad is a crowned republic in a planet somewhere else in the universe. The formerly wartorn nation keeps a facade of normalcy and order while enjoying the societal and cultural indulgences that marks the new Roaring Twenties. The paranoid authoritarian government tries its best to uphold order in the face of uncertainty, while its people want nothing more than a breathing space. A deal that works, but maybe not in the long run. | My feeling to F7 | My NS Art
Providenska's Herald: The Admiralty declares it will not take the portrait of Admiral Nikolai Yermirov, fascist collaborator during the Civil War, out of the Admiralty Gallery.


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