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Factbooks. No NS Stats for this nation! | Theme Song 1 | Theme Song 2
Ruled by * takes a deep breath *
Holly De Stralend en Wonderbaarlijk Licht Koningin Aurora Symantha Vreugde Lavender Astrid Lilac T. Marlie Nova Radiant Lapia Starlight.
• Self-proclaimed King of Forum 7, a.k.a. Forum 7 dweller that your mom warns you about. (Got inspiration from Folknoren).
• Favorite catchphrase: Nani the f**k, so many ninjas.
• A dimensional rift created from nuclear bombs.
• Violently violated the Laws of Thermodynamics with shoddy writing.
Height (Current): 55 meters.
(SSCG(3) ↑TREE(3) g64)! Joules,
g64 = Graham's Number, TREE(n) = TREE sequence, SSCG(n) = Friedman's SSCG function, n! = Factorial, and an b = Knuth's Up-Arrow Notation.


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