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Jebslund is a nation of kerbals ruled by Emperor Jebediah Kerman. We reject tyranny, believing that rights should be protected, though we also believe said rights end where the rights of others begin.

Shockingly, we *do* use NS stats except in the Kerbin roleplay, with the exception of lifespan.
Singular sapient: Jebslunder
Plural Sapient: Jebslunden
Singular/Plural nonsapient: Kermanic
Note: When a verb can logically only be done by the sapient using/piloting/holding the object in question (a plane spotting someone (only the pilot can do that), a brush styling hair (a person has to be using it), a general's orders (a rank cannot give orders. A person *holding* said rank, on the other hand, can), then the appropriate demonym for the number of sapients is used.

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