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Chargé d'Affaires
From Maracaibo, Venezuela to Miami, Florida, United Slaves of America
Former IT consultant at 911 Maracaibo and cashier in businesses all over the Zulia state, Computing Engineering student, and foreign currency reseller. Now an Illegal Immigrant.
Mafia videogame series (Until the second one), Grand Theft Auto series, Need For Speed series (Until ProStreet, that game was good believe it or not), 1950s American culture, 1960-70s latin music (Particularly Fania artists), suits and good ol' fedoras, 1940s-early 60s American music, everything Jeff Lynne and Electric Light Orchestra, killing Maduro, 2001 Ford Fiestas, and of course roleplaying.

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Call me Lima
Kako (Yes, she is her own person inside my head) and I are Jeff Lynne's No. 1 fans.
Italic text with mostly lower case letters = I'm joking.
Stanier is set in 2016 and it's stuck there 'till I can finish this lore.
NS stats are used, but policies aren't.
Slowly learning Italian

La Voce di Stanier, NULL NaN: Kako quote of the [INSERT DETERMINATE REFRESH PERIOD] "The floof does not discriminate, be it catto, doggo, birb, or bnnuy. All fluff was created equal"|New plan, minor worldbuilding, focus on the characters, sideline the leader. THE MEAT MUST BE IN THE BACKGROUND CHARACTERS!


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