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The Hexagon Industries
Want to contact me? Do it via Steam.
Every RP thread I join, would die within days of my arrival. For I have become Death, Destroyer of Threads.
Languages. Reading. Writing poorly made short stories and fanfiction. Socializing...not. Waiting for things to finish (Waiting for meal to cook, waiting for my 22.15MB download to finish in 8 days, watching paint dry, that kind of stuff.) ¦=¦ I prefer International Incidents over P2TM. Although, when I have nothing to do, you could see me browsing around the forum, Technical, General, Arts and Fiction. Not posting, just looking.

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The Hexagon Industries
•~ Long Live the Hexagon! ~•
An anthropocentrist, multiversal one-party military organization that aims to unite humanity under one banner. They regularly hunt down gods, demons, deities and magical entities, believing that such creatures could corrupt the purity of the human race.

Illia is the name of the country.
The Hexagon Industries is the name of the organization that controls the country.
The Hexagon Empire is the name of the multiversal empire that sent the Industries to Illia.

Still confused?

“War is peace. Freedom is slavery. Ignorance is strength.”
~ George Orwell

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