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Democratic Exodian Territories
High School Freshman (9th Grade) Professional Asian (a joke among my friends, I'm Filipino)
History, (including military history) politics, science, writing and literature, movies (mostly action, no horror), video games (Unturned on Steam IS a good game)

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"God bless this dank, beautiful nation. From Meme to shining Meme!"

-Governor William Shang

_[ ]_
(-_Q) If you support capitalism, put this in your signature.

Against the evils of communism, socialism, and fascism. Let the fruits of capitalism's labor be forever bountiful!

Pro: Trump, Israel, Life, Capitalism, Racial Equality, Gender Equality, Gun Rights, Christianity, Interventionism

Though I identify as right-wing, 1.74 Left, 1.45 Authoritarian

Proud Anti-Furry. [REMOVED BY MOD]

A small, PMT island-archipelago nation with neoconservative views and an economy heavily based on dank Memes, aquaculture, and arms manufacturing.

Only NS official Rank, Government, Economy stats used

A Class Y14 Civilization
A Tier 6.5, Level 2.5, Type 4 Civilization

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