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The African Emirates
I have no idea, please help, I am trapped in an unknown location, what the hell is that sou
Going to my human job to earn human currency
Digesting food similar to humans, and locomoting my human body so that sodium chloride and dihydrogen monoxide exude from my un-artificial skin.

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The African Emirates

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A robotic civilization spanning multiple universes,
and traveling around the omniverse through F O L D S P A C E !
And yeah. Forcibly assimilating civilizations. That too.
We are neither African nor an Emirate, surrender your neural patterns.
A [0.636] civilization(Tier 11, Level 4, Type 11), according to this index.
Current Year: haha made ya look C.E.
Goddamn it not again Ernest
PRO: Israel(2-state solution), Climate Change Awareness, World Federalism, LGBT+, Net Neutrality, Bingus, Choice, The Singularity(don't ask)
NEUTRAL: Communism, Floppa
AGAINST: Protectionism, Neo-Nazis, Brexit, Alt-Right, Trump, Sweet Potatoes

PolComp: -7.88, -7.95
Stats are only good when they benefit me

Gender is unable to fit within under 10 yottabytes


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