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A robotic civilization spanning multiple superclusters, and traveling around the omniverse through
F O L D S P A C E ! (The population is African, but not black, they have no skin. Again, robots.)
(However, everyone has unlimited n-word passes.)
A [3 2/3] civilization(Tier 10, Level 0, Type 10), according to this index.
Current Year: 2020 CE
PRO: Israel, Climate Change Awareness, Science, LGBT+, Net Neutrality, Capitalism with Socialist Elements
NEUTRAL: Palestine, Conservatives, Abortion, Capitalism
AGAINST: Intolerance, Article 13, Communism, Protectionism, Neo-Nazis, Brexit, Alt-Right, Alt-Left, Trump

ns stats bIG DUM REEEEEE (except economy)

I will not speak to you unless you have mined over 100 diamonds in Minecraft.


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