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DiplomatWest-Flanders 637 Civil Rights Lovefest Antiquity
CivilianWhatthe 0 Democratic Socialists Antiquity
SpokespersonWilkshire 108 Scandinavian Liberal Paradise Antiquity
CivilianWedontcare 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianWalled City 0 Democratic Socialists Antiquity
Chargé d'AffairesWalmington on Sea 482 Inoffensive Centrist Democracy Antiquity
AmbassadorWandering Argonians 1309 Moralistic Democracy Antiquity
CivilianWestern Cactuaria 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianWhite Base 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
BureaucratWinnipeg 52 Benevolent Dictatorship Antiquity
CivilianWolfshade 1 Ex-Nation Antiquity
EnvoyWestern_shinma 336 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianWorldia555 0 Democratic Socialists Antiquity
CivilianWabu-Dhati 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
Political ColumnistWolfish 4 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianWeaseland 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianWeitzel 0 New York Times Democracy Antiquity
Civil ServantWulfhelm 8 Corporate Police State Antiquity
SpokespersonWest America 196 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianWest - Europa 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianWeirdVille 0 Left-wing Utopia Antiquity
LobbyistWest Olympia 24 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianWumpii 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianWiccats 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianWARP 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity


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