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Retired ModeratorTsaraine 4033 Ex-Nation Antiquity
LobbyistTseaby 17 Father Knows Best State Antiquity
Retired ModeratorThe Blaatschapen 58681 Anarchy Antiquity
SpokespersonThe Emperor Fenix 179 Civil Rights Lovefest Antiquity
LobbyistTestlandia 11 New York Times Democracy Antiquity
MinisterThe Ctan 2790 Inoffensive Centrist Democracy Antiquity
Chargé d'AffairesTarasovka 371 Inoffensive Centrist Democracy Antiquity
Chargé d'AffairesTrailers 358 Ex-Nation Antiquity
SenatorThe Fedral Union 4270 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianToronto Golfers 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
SecretaryTanah Burung 37 Ex-Nation Antiquity
Senior N&I RP MentorThe Macabees 3651 Anarchy Antiquity
LobbyistTiburon 18 Ex-Nation Antiquity
SpokespersonTannelorn 149 Ex-Nation Antiquity
EnvoyThe Infinite Dunes 279 Ex-Nation Antiquity
SpokespersonThe Island States 125 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianThe Nintendo Emerates 0 Anarchy Antiquity
CivilianThe Earth Federation 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianTechnocratic Republics 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
SpokespersonTratvia 136 Ex-Nation Antiquity
NegotiatorTreznor 7343 Democratic Socialists Antiquity
Civil ServantThe Junkions 6 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianTorontonias 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianThe Mok 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
BureaucratTsrill 59 Ex-Nation Antiquity


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