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Retired ModeratorMelkor Unchained 4647 Ex-Nation Antiquity
LobbyistMavenu 18 Inoffensive Centrist Democracy Antiquity
LobbyistMinineenee 24 Mother Knows Best State Antiquity
CivilianMar-nu-Falmar 0 Inoffensive Centrist Democracy Antiquity
CivilianMental Hospital 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
SpokespersonManiaca 144 Benevolent Dictatorship Antiquity
Civil ServantMY minds EYE 8 Left-wing Utopia Antiquity
CivilianMoronland 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
Civil ServantMonkeypimp 6 Ex-Nation Antiquity
Political ColumnistMirkai 4 Ex-Nation Antiquity
EnvoyMiraclia 245 Corporate Police State Antiquity
Political ColumnistMindalia 2 Civil Rights Lovefest Antiquity
CivilianMagical Mountain Dew 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
Political ColumnistMidlands 4 Anarchy Antiquity
DiplomatMarimaia 783 Benevolent Dictatorship Antiquity
CivilianManesworld 0 Compulsory Consumerist State Antiquity
CivilianMoonlight Shadow 0 Anarchy Antiquity
Civil ServantMuhOre 8 Ex-Nation Antiquity
SpokespersonMikeswill 199 Civil Rights Lovefest Antiquity
CivilianMultiple Bounty 0 Democratic Socialists Antiquity
CivilianMemeplex 1 Ex-Nation Antiquity
Political ColumnistMaulm 2 New York Times Democracy Antiquity
Political ColumnistMalatose 2 Ex-Nation Antiquity
Political ColumnistMackintosh 5 Compulsory Consumerist State Antiquity
SecretaryMan or Astroman 33 Ex-Nation Antiquity


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