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Retired ModeratorErastide 1299 Inoffensive Centrist Democracy Antiquity
DiplomatErrinundera 518 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianEckhardt 0 Corporate Bordello Antiquity
LobbyistEarth II 22 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianErlangen-Ansbach 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
LobbyistEmperor Matthuis 13 Ex-Nation Antiquity
LobbyistElJefe 11 Inoffensive Centrist Democracy Antiquity
CivilianEarth Mothers 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianEndolantron 1 Left-wing Utopia Antiquity
CivilianEllantra 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
BureaucratEmeriKa 47 Ex-Nation Antiquity
Civil ServantEli 6 Capitalist Paradise Antiquity
LobbyistErnst_Rohm 22 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianElectronicDataSystems 0 New York Times Democracy Antiquity
SecretaryEdolia 36 Civil Rights Lovefest Antiquity
CivilianEconomiac 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianEmory 0 Civil Rights Lovefest Antiquity
Game ModeratorEuroslavia 7782 Inoffensive Centrist Democracy Antiquity
Political ColumnistEquus 2 Liberal Democratic Socialists Antiquity
Civil ServantEnslaved Humans 9 Iron Fist Consumerists Antiquity
CivilianElven Stoners 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianEstavia 0 Father Knows Best State Antiquity
CivilianErbarmen 0 Ex-Nation Antiquity
CivilianEvil Billy Goats 0 Iron Fist Consumerists Antiquity
CivilianEncyclopedia 0 Left-Leaning College State Antiquity


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